LESS THAN A WEEK on our Kickstarter…We are so grateful by all the support we’ve received, but we’ve got a little left to go. We debuted another new song this week. Go have a listen and enjoy the video, directed by our drummer, Adrian. It’s called “Echoes” and it’s on the Kickstarter page. Thanks guys!

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My band, Colonies, just finished our new album. Here’s a song from it (“All We Have”). It’s got some ebow, some trumpet, some saxophone, some chain-and-bucket. And all the normal stuff, too. Check it out.

We’ve been working on this album for about four years and it’s strange to say it’s finally finished after so much time and effort, but it is. It’s done. And we’re really, really proud of it. Please take a minute to consider our Kickstarter campaign to get the album pressed on LPs. We could have just put it on Bandcamp or iTunes, but we all share a love of vinyl and frankly, it’s a dream of everyone in the band to have high quality LPs of our music. Here’s the link:

Check it out and pass it along. Thank you!